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Toss Riha 2023

Hand-woven traditional product. The product is made of pure toss mugaa. The product is entirely hand-woven.

Material- Toss mugaa

Color- Golden, Red, Dark red.

Maximum Load:  (Ready to Use)

Brand Assamesetraditionaldress
Model Number r4585923
Model Name Assamese riha
Material Toss muga
Color Golden
Number of People 1
Maximum Load
Type Women clothing
Ready to use? Yes


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Pure muga riha


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What is Riha – Toss muga riha sador

Assamese Riha is a traditional garment from the northeastern state of Assam, India, made from Muga and other silk.

Muga silk is a golden-hued silk that is unique to Assam and is known for its durability, natural sheen, and resilience.

The Riha is a piece of attire that is long and wrap-around blouse. The riha is typically made from plain silk, with red boarder and multicolour design known as Kes Bosa.

Muga Riha is an integral part of Assamese culture and is worn on Bihu dance and other special occasions such as weddings, festivals, and religious ceremonies.

The garment is not only a symbol of tradition and heritage but also reflects the artistic skills of the weavers of Assam.

In recent times, there has been a renewed interest in these handloom products. Efforts are being made to promote this exquisite fabric and revive the traditional weaving and embroidery techniques that are unique to the region.

As a result, Riha is now gaining popularity not only in Assam but also across India and the world.

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