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Toss muga riha sador Handloom is a single sador made of the best quality 100% toss muga silk.

The product is beautifully made by an expert weaver. The sador is designed with an Assamese traditional design called kes bosa. An excellent combination of brown, white, yellow, green, and pink with brown side pari makes the sador gorgeous.

Product Quantity- 1.
Product’s primary color- Golden Brown.
Product secondary colors- Brown, gree, pink, and yellow.
Side Patti- No side poti is needed, pari is available In the sador. Brown-colored pari is available.
Blouse Piece- No blouse piece is available with this single sador.
Ready to use- Yes.
Length and breadth- Standard.
The product is fully Hand-woven, and no machine is used for weaving. The product is very popular nowadays, known as buwa sador, single sador.

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Toss muga riha sador Handloom is an Assamese traditional buwa handloom product. Which is very similar to the original Riha but the difference is Riha is a little narrow and shorter than the sador.

Hand-woven traditional product. The product is made of the best quality Toss muga silk. The product is fully hand woven and not so thin as the machine-made toss muga Riha sador.

Traditional handloom products are available here. Our Facebook page is Assamese cloth Dhakuakhana. Traditional gero design attire, Ribi gaseng, and Assamese mekhela sador are also available here.

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