Nuni by nuni Sador mekhela


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Nuni by nuni Sador mekhela

Hand-woven traditional product. The product is made of Nuni silk, padmini and cotton. The product is fully hand woven.

Product’s primary color- Pink.

Product secondary colors- Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow, and black.

Side Patti- Available.

Blouse Piece- Available.

Ready to use- No.

Length and breadth- Standard.

For Pure muga sador Mekhela.

Toss muga sador Mekhela.

Single sador.

Single Mekhela.

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Nuni by nuni Sador mekhela

The Sador mekhela is fully Hand-woven, and no machine is used for weaving. Traditional handloom Taat Xaal is used to weave this product. Assamese traditional dress is also called Assamese dress, mekehla dress, Bihu dress, mekhela chador traditional dress, Assamese traditional dress male, Assamese Bihu dress, Assamese traditional dress female, mekhela chador in Hindi, traditional Assamese wear. is the right place for all these products. The product is not ready to use directly and is custom Stitchable according to customer size.

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