Nooni by nooni set


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Nooni by nooni set.

Hand-woven traditional product. The product is made of Nuni silk and cotton. The product is fully hand woven.

Product’s primary color- White.

Product secondary colors- Purple, green, red, yellow, black.

Side Patti- Yes side patti is Available with Nooni sador mekhela Juraa.

Blouse Piece- Yes, the blouse piece is available with Nooni sador mekhela juraa.

Ready to use- No. The product is not ready to use directly and is custom Stitchable according to customer size.

Length and breadth- Standard.

For Pure muga sador Mekhela.

Toss muga sador Mekhela.

Single sador.

Single Mekhela.

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Nooni by nooni set.

The nooni by nooni Sador mekhela is a Hand-woven product, and no machine is used for weaving. Traditional handloom Taat Xaal (Maati xaal)  is used to weave this product.

The Sador mekhela is designed by professional weavers with missing traditional style, a lot of buta is available on the set. Primary color of the product is purely white.

The product is not available right now. You have to place an order to buy this product.

The minimum time for production is one month, and the maximum time will be three to four months.

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