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Muga yarn 1 Kg

Muga yarn or muga silk is a type of silk yarn that is known for its skin-friendly quality and durability. It is produced from the cocoon of the Muga silkworm, which is indigenous to the Assam region of Northeast India. Muga silk is highly valued for its natural golden color, which is unique to this type of silk.

Muga yarn is often used to make traditional garments such as the mekhela chador, single mekhela, panjabi, riha and other.

The production of Muga yarn is a labor-intensive process that involves several stages, including rearing the silkworms, harvesting the cocoons, and spinning the silk into yarn. Due to its high quality and rarity, Muga silk is considered a luxury item and is often more expensive than other types of silk.

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Muga yarn 1 Kg

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Primary Color: Golden

Secondary Color: Golden

Saree Fabric:

Mekhela Fabric:


Blouse Fabric:

Multipack: Yarn


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Department ‏: ‎ Women/Man/ Traditional

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Country of Origin: India

Place origin: Dhakuakhana

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